CHIH CHIH is a Taiwan-based illustrator, who holds a Master of Illustration from Kingston University London. Before that, she has worked at an advertising agency for years as a visual designer, copywriter and front-end programmer. You can find both sensibility and logic in her artwork at the same time. Her works are inspired by photography, film aesthetic, music and art history. Also, she has always marvelled at poetry and literature for its beauty and endlessly possibilities of imagination. She currently lives in Taipei with her partner and a cat called Mishima.

★ 2017 Charitable activity: Packaging Illustration for 100% Pure Moringa Oil / Greenvines / Taiwan
★ 2017 5 Brilliant New Illustrators Who've Just Graduated From Kingston's MA Programme / Digital Arts
★ 2017 WHAT DO YOU SEE / Kingston School of Art MA Illustration Degree Show / Gallery Different, London, UK
★ 2017 Communal Zine Shop / DIY Cultures 2017: Zines, comics, activist day festival / Rich Mix London, UK
★ 2016 Daily Routine / Kingston University Postgraduate Progression Exhibition / Platform Gallery, London, UK
★ 2016 The Most FUN Place in the World! (ISBN:9789860502855) / 2016 Lanyang Picture Book Camp / Published in Taiwan

Medium /
Acryla gouache, acrylic colour, paint marker, digital
Seniority /
分享十八世紀英國詩人威廉 ‧ 古柏的詩句:「變化是生命中的香料,給予了所有的滋味。」

‘Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all it's flavour.’— William Cowper