大家好我是 56,是個腦袋裡裝著天馬行空的女人家,因為愛畫畫,加上有兩個插畫大師哥哥 (58 & 57) 的鼓勵下,而開始了這個畫畫旅程;雖然非本科系,只用著簡單的插圖及文字去分享生活中的小事,很開心也很幸運,在插畫這條路上得到很多人的幫助與支持,能用圖像的方式,去跟大家分享的生活,這就是一種幸福吧!


Hello everyone I'm 56, a woman whose mind is always in lala-land. Because I like drawing, and I had the encouragement of two older brothers who are also illustrators (58 and 57), I began this journey in drawing. Even though I didn't go to college for this, I'm still happy and lucky to be able to share the little things in life through simple illustrations and words. Along the way I've received a lot of help and support from many others. To be able to share life with people through pictures is a happy thing!

Anyways, I really thank everyone for your words of encouragement, they are all very important to me, because this is one of the sources of my motivation.

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Using illustration to record the little things in life

  • 【小宇宙】56 創作個展
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