Susanne Kasielke






我的創作專門面向有自信、勇於追求夢想、活出自我的現代摩登女性們。記取過往、築夢未來、活在當下。再來,要記得笑!因為『一天不笑,那天就浪費掉』-- 卓別林。

I'm a German artist, illustrator and surface pattern designer and I specialize in dramatic flower portraits, ethnic inspired art, elegant geometrics, and delicate illustrations.

All of my work integrates multiple mediums and techniques (from photography to abstract texture). Each artwork is composed of multiple layers and elements, that I bring together on the computer. I call it: digital collage.

On the computer I alter and improve all elements, while coincidence and imperfection play a big part in my work: I love to experiment with digital technology to create unexpected texture and depth, while every single layer is essential for the finished piece.

I'd like to think of it as in life: I believe that the past always plays an important part in our lives. Past experiences shape who we become, they help us grow, and they always leave something traceable behind.

My art is a reminder of the past and opens the door to a fantasy world that leaves room to escape reality and dream.

My art targets the modern, self-confident woman, who pursues her dreams to live life to its fullest. Remember yesterday. Dream tomorrow. Live today. And don't forget to laugh! Because a day without laughter is a day wasted (Charlie Chaplin).

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It’s your journey. Remember. Dream. Live. And Laugh!