我叫做 NIO,是一位設計師,也是一位插畫家,不是這麼喜歡畫畫,卻很想一直畫畫,偏好用幽默的手法畫插畫,也希望看我畫的人可以從中了解到我想傳遞的訊息,一種不經意的注意。

I am NIO, a designer and an illustrator. I don't really like drawing but I keep wanting to draw, preferring a humorous style. I also hope that those who see my work will be able to understand the message I want to send, in an unintentional way.

2016 台北豐文創【瘋言豐語】插畫個人展覽
2015 台北日常生活【我在這個展覽放了個屁】插畫個人展覽
2015 奧美廣告遠傳電信【生活在台灣】Banner繪製
2015 Coca-Cola【可口可樂博物館DM】繪製
2014 北京文創【台北的美好時代】主視覺設計
2014 澳門MACAU CLOSER雜誌-Cristiano Ronaldo主題繪製
2013 澳門游子分享澳門經驗書【Why Macau?】

2013 Travelers in Macau share their stories in the book, Why Macau?
2014 Creating illustrations for Cristiano Ronaldo in Macau Closer magazine
2014 Creating main visual design “Good Times in Taipei” in Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Expo
2015 Designing a brochure for the Coca-Cola Museum
2015 Designing “Living in Taiwan” banner for FarEasTone Telecommunications
2015 A solo exhibition of illustration at A Day Café — “I Pass Gas at the Exhibition
2016 A solo exhibition held by Fun Art Asia — “Feng yan feng yu” (Crazy Ideas, Creative Works)

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Pencil, digital
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I've read some things, seen some things, and have a few thoughts, and I just add my passion onto it.
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