Agathe Xu


近年來以歐美漫畫為主題發表系列作品廣受好評,作品也曾數度被收錄在 Marvel Wikia 網站,以女性的細膩觀點融合個人風格的繪畫技巧,重新詮釋這些超級英雄;除此之外,她的作品也以神話、童話、漫畫等為啟發進行色彩繽紛的塗鴉創作。

A visual concept designer with expertise in environment concepts. Passionate for art, good at sketches, watercolor, oil, and Chinese painting.
Works based on Western comics have been well received, with multiple pieces featured on the Marvel Wikia site, combining feminine delicacy and personal style to reinterpret superheroes. Other works are also inspired by mythology, folk traditions, and graphic novels.

2015 ACCC台灣原創誌連載美漫介紹專欄
2014 實驗音樂既圖像小說獨立出版
2013 動物推理漫畫 系列出版
2012 歐美漫畫FAN ART為主題發表系列作品廣受好評,收錄於MARVEL字典網站
2006 臺灣人體速寫畫會創辦人。

"2006 The founder of Taiwan Figure Sketching Society
2012 A comic series published on the topic of European and American fan art is widely acclaimed. The series is included in the MARVEL dictionary website.
2013 An animal detective comic series, RESTOUT & MAXIME, is published.
2014 Experimental music and graphic novel, Wolfpack, is independently published.
2015 A column about American comics is published in Asia Creative Comic Collection (ACCC)."


★Works shortlisted for Silence Competition, Ligatura International Comics Culture Festival, Poland
★Illustrations shortlisted for Illustrator's Wall in 2015 Taipei International Book Exhibition"

Medium /
Colored ink, color pencil, oil, digital, mixed media, watercolor, pencil, charcoal
Seniority /
As light reflects off the surface, particles rise and take shape, thoughts become light, and the completed work emerges.

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