Lynette Lin


My heart beats feverishly as I am overwhelmed with information, but my pen is slow, protecting the dying light of my confidence.

2016 27 ½”- Lynette Lin插畫個展 (27 ½- Solo Exhibition by Lynette Lin ) 台北Taipei
2016 紅頂穀創 徵禮啟事創作聯展, Kaohsiung
2015 桃園插畫大展「漫遊上太空」, Taoyuan

2015 “Roaming through Outer Space” Illustration Exhibition in Taoyuan
2016 “The Gifts” Joint Exhibition organized by Red Barn in Kaohsiung
2016 “27 ½” Solo Exhibition by Lynette Lin, Taipei""

Medium /
Digital, recently trying out dip pen
Seniority /
一直嘗試努力嘗試總會有路子 不刻意的往往最好!
Trying really really hard will always make a way
The unintentional things tend to be the best!